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BadShot Tutorial page

How To's

Name Author Date Added Difficulty
Getting Started Xetrov Jan-19-2003 Easy
Getting Started #2: Lets Code Already Xetrov Jan-19-2003 Easy
Disable TR2 ZOD Jan-19-2003 Easy
Adding Ammo-Based Weapons Drumstix42 Dec-1-2002 Easy
Adding Energy-Based Weapons Drumstix42 Dec-5-2002 Easy
Adding Armors Drumstix42 Dec-1-2002 Easy
Adding Vehicles Drumstix42 Dec-1-2002 Easy
Adding Deployables Drumstix42 Dec-25-2002 Easy
Multi Projectile Weapons BadShot Jan-19-2003 Hard
Beacon Modes Sanguinus Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Adding Beacons With Deployables ??? Jan-19-2003 Easy
Weapon Pack BadShot Jan-19-2003 Easy


Crashed's Vehicle Hud Crashed Dec-14-2002 Intermediate
VehicleHud Page Cycling BadShot Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Vehicle Ejection Seats BadShot Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Sparrow Flyer ??? Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Vehicle Weapon Locking DynaBlade / ??? Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Vehicle + Player Cloak ??? Jan-19-2003 Easy
Vehicle Booster Rockets BadShot Jan-19-2003 Easy
Vehicle Debris BadShot Jan-19-2003 Easy
Vehicle's Requiring Armor ??? Jan-19-2003 Easy
Creator Only Vehicle ??? Jan-19-2003 Easy


Flak Gun Badshot Dec-1-2002 Intermediate
QuadChain Drumstix42 Dec-15-2002 Easy
Nuke Launcher Defender Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Warp Gun ??? Jan-19-2003 Easy
Charging Plasma Cannon BadShot Jan-19-2003 Easy
RepairGun / Repair Rifle Tut ??? Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Mine Launcher Tiperus Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Seeking Disc Launcher Defender Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
HackGun MicroMitch Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Shotgun Defender Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Grappling Hook Xenolith Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
MiniGun Defender Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Gravity For Projectiles Mugzzy Jan-19-2003 Easy
Beacon On Laser ZOD Jan-19-2003 Easy
Bottom Printing The_Force Jan-19-2003 Easy
Weapon Hold Position DrumStix42 Jan-19-2003 Easy
Weapon Recharge DrumStix42 Jan-19-2003 Easy


Anti-Energy Pack Parousia Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Sniper Pack Tut Parousia Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Environmental Pack BadShot Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Cheetah Pack Brimstone / BadShot Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Hover Pack BadShot Jan-19-2003 Easy
Lava Shield Pack Mr Anonymous Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Flame Pack Hammer Dev team Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
GodHammer Pack Hammer Dev team Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
HellFire Pack Hammer Dev team Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
BeamSword Pack Defender Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Disc Pack Defender Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Restrict Pack Usage BadShot Jan-19-2003 Easy


Undeploying Tutorial BadShot Jan-19-2003 Hard
Deployables List Drone1k Jan-19-2003 Hard
Deployable Base Turret Southtown Dec-23-2002 Hard
Heavy Chaingun Barrel Child_Killer Jan-19-2003 Easy
Deployable Platform ZOD Jan-19-2003 Easy
Hammer ForceField Hammer Dev Team Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Blastwall Parousia Jan-19-2003 Easy
Blastwall Addition BadShot Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Deployable Bunker BadShot Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Deployable Laser Turret ZOD Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Deployable Disc Turret Founder / ZOD Jan-19-2003 Easy
Deployable Flare Turret ZOD Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Deployable Jumpad ??? Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Teleport Pad MicroMitch Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Deployable Spy Satellite ??? Jan-19-2003 Easy
Shield Generator Green Dragon Jan-19-2003 Easy
Shield-Regen Generator Green Dragon Jan-19-2003 Easy
Cloaking Device Defender / BadShot Jan-19-2003 Easy


Admin Armor ??? Jan-19-2003 Easy
Creator Armor ??? Jan-19-2003 Easy
Seperate Armor Folder LordZer00 Jan-19-2003 Easy
Exploding Bodies Logic)( Jan-19-2003 Easy
Jet Particle Tut MicroMitch Dec-23-2002 Easy
Armor Specific Beacons ZOD / CrazyBrett Jan-19-2003 Intermediate
Explosion and Blood Effects LuCiD Jan-19-2003 Intermediate


Cloaking Mine DrumStix42 Dec-1-2002 Intermediate
Magnetic Air Mine BadShot Jan-19-2003 Intermediate


Coding Knowledge Lt Earthworm Jan-19-2003 Easy
Load Screen ZOD Dec-15-2002 Easy
Multiple Load Screen ZOD / Defender Jan-1-2003 Easy
Weapon Particle Effect Tiperus Jan-1-2003 Easy
Player Join Message AZ Jan-19-2003 Easy
Spawn Favorites BadShot Jan-19-2003 Easy
Basic Colors Lt Earthworm Jan-19-2003 Easy
In-Game Text Color ??? Jan-19-2003 Easy
Typemasks ??? Jan-19-2003 Easy
Shoot After Death ??? Jan-19-2003 Easy
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