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PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 2:40 pm   Post subject: A TBS game-centric thought.

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Hey lads.

First off, good to meet you all. I'm totally new here so I'm just kind of launching off the deep end... :D

And to honour that statement, here's a crazy little thought:

How do people actually feel about the TBS genre? Particularly in regards to Table Top gaming conversions?

I'm well aware that TBS is often regarded as old fashioned, or lacks that adrenaline punch you get with something like Tribes, but on a deeper level its the sort of strategy that doesn't revolve around how quickly you can click to place a unit, but where a skillful commander can manipulate a single unit in to a winning position.

Looking back at that statement I realise I haven't worded that very well, but I hope you get my general gist.

It basically struck me a few minutes ago that there's still a space in the gaming world that's only really filled by games like Dominions, Civilization and the two Dominations titles for this style of play.

Perhaps that says something about people's tastes, but still!

I'm a fan of Warhammer 40K, though before people run screaming from a game set that's only really worked well in the RTS format, there's another game from the same universe that I've had next to no experience with but looks extremely interesting.

Necromunda, anyone?

A game of Gang Warfare which takes place persistently. That is to say, if a troop is injured he very well might be for the next couple of games! Hell, permanent brain injury isn't off the cards.

There are even rules to nick equipment from other rival gangs, all fighting in a very dark, gothic/steam-punk esque environment.

Now is it me, or is there room there for a stellar multiplayer TBS mod? Its not just about simple one-off skirmishes, but with that persistent feel and overarching goals to shoot your way up to the top of the scum heap, that could potentially be a fantastic experience! One to come back to.

And with a very in depth rule set already in place, would it be so hard to reconstruct the setting as a whole?

I'd be interested to know what you all think. Just as hypothetical possibility, of course! At least... right now anyway :P

Catch you all later - Chrome

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